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Your body is your story…animated.
— The Founders of SPRe

Discover an Intuitive, Profound Approach to Living and Moving with Ease

We invite you to bring your stress related symptoms as a starting point for our work together. The desire to seek support can be challenging. It can be hard to put into words what you are seeking. However, your body is already communicating with you and that is a great starting point for this work.

Many people have spent a great deal of time articulating their history and issues and still haven’t found the relief and freedom from these stories. When your mind and body are working in concert, authentic living is possible.


Your body is speaking, are you listening?

In the popular lexicon, these kinds of connections between body and brain have long been referred to as ‘the power of mind over body.’ But in light of my research, the phrase does not describe accurately what is happening. Mind doesn’t dominate the body, it becomes body - body and mind are one.
— Dr. Candace Pert

When is it time to explore SPRe?

Choose SPRe when:

The body retains a physical record, like a time capsule, of traumatic events and insults.

The body retains a physical record, like a time capsule, of traumatic events and insults.

  • It’s time to take a deeper look into yourself, and working the body and mind in tandem makes sense.

  • When a physical injury changes the direction of your life.

  • When you feel your physical conditions are the result of stress or limbic system exhaustion. Examples: Fibromyalgia, Inflammation, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Hyper-sensitivity, etc.

  • When there is discomfort in your body and you don’t know why. You may not know what you’re uncomfortable about, but your body will help reveal what’s important. Your physical pain or discomfort can be a result of your body trying to adapt to less than ideal situations. Example: A tree becomes gnarled and distorted when it can’t grow directly toward the light. People have mal-adaptations, too.

  • When you can give a Wikipedia-like explanation of your issues, but the awareness isn’t moving you forward to what you say you want.

When we can act knowing first what motivates us, and when we can act with intention, then we are free.
— Irwin Kula

For many of us, our physical symptoms get worse during life transitions & stressful times

Does your body react automatically and defensively to a stressor like a puffer fish?

Does your body react automatically and defensively to a stressor like a puffer fish?

The development of physical symptoms in response to seemingly overwhelming feelings or thoughts is SOMATIZATION. Like a puffer fish that inflates at the first sign of a threat, or a hedgehog that curls up when stressed, our physical bodies react before our minds recognize what to do with the information.

Now you can get relief from your physical symptoms and identify the underlying causes.

Examples of Stress Symptoms that SPRe can ease:

  • Back pain during annual reviews at work

  • Headaches when visiting your family

  • Skin eruptions after a fight with your partner

  • Digestive problems when your life changes

  • A weakened immune system during the holidays

  • …and so many more


Ready to feel better? It starts with a conversation.


The Benefits of SPRe:

  • Relief from your physical pain

  • Learn tools to recognize and understand your emotional, physical, cognitive and relationship patterns. You can make more successful choices in stressful times

  • Increased body awareness that includes interpreting the information being communicated by your physical symptoms

  • Better balance and core support, leading to an internal “knowing”and more secure decision making

  • Acquire skills in each session you can apply to achieve personal goals in career, relationships and health

Its changed the way I move through the world. I interpret things more accurately and get more satisfying responses.
— SPRe client

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